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  1. Paul Hermann

    Paul Hermann 1902

    100027 With a cello through Europe Paul (Pál) Hermann was born on March 27, 1902, in a well-to-do …
  2. Paul Seelig

    Paul Seelig 1876

    101242 het westen;Indische componisten en composities 1898-1945 (Leiden, 2007) Wall, Hans van de, ‘Paul
  3. Jan van Gilse

    Jan van Gilse 1881

    100024 education in Germany, was probably in his political views, also German-oriented. He wasn't. Only his …
  4. Bertus van Lier

    Bertus van Lier 1906

    101238 by the German occupying forces) and as a half-Jew he was not in immediate danger. But his path was …
  5. Carel Jacobs

    Carel Jacobs 1909

    102506 'Vierteljude', he gave up his conducting classes with Carl Schuricht in Germany. During the war he helped many …
  6. Ignace Lilien

    Ignace Lilien 1897

    100747 teacher in harmony was H. Ehrlich. This probably refers to Hermann Ehrlich, a German cantor from Meiningen …
  7. James Simon

    James Simon 1880

    102025 Schlaf, ich traume on words by Paul Fleming. Between 1932 and 1943, James Simon sends almost fifty songs …
  8. Wilhelm Rettich

    Wilhelm Rettich 1892

    101240 following month he gave a concert with singer Paula Tarko and cellist Robert Felix Mendelssohn. The hall at …
  9. Nico Richter

    Nico Richter 1915

    100016 period he ochestrated Ernest Bloch’s religious work Baal Shem. In October 1941 the Germans
  10. Lex van Delden

    Lex van Delden 1919

    100020 man. Paul F. Sanders, a well-known Dutch journalist, after hearing Van Delden's music for ballet …