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Serenade voor fluit, viool en altviool

By Nico Richter

Chamber music
Wind and string instrument(s) (fl vl vla)
6 minutes
location of manuscript aanvraagnummer 326/012-1


I. Allegretto giocoso

II. Presto - Adagio

About Nico Richter

Nico Richter

Almost all Nico Richter’s surviving compositions date from his student days. Most of them are ultrashort, inspired by Webern and Berg. As a student of medicine, he directed the student orchestra MUSA. He joined the resistance, was arrested in 1942 and sent to work in successive concentration camps. A physical wreck, he dictated his final composition on his deathbed just after liberation. His talent never reached full maturity.

by Dr. Julia Muller-van Santen