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Composers persecuted in WWII

During the Second World War, many composers were persecuted by the Nazi’s, because they either had a Jewish background or refused to comply with Nazi rules. Their music was banned from all public performance. The Leo Smit Foundation, founded in 1996, is committed to regain this music.

In more than 200 concerts, we’ve brought to life music that was lost and forgotten. With this website, we share with musicians, programmers and music lovers worldwide what we’ve found, starting with music from composers who lived and worked in the Netherlands.

Here you can search for composers, works for various instrumentations or vocal repertoire. Find scores, look at manuscripts and listen to sound samples.

featured composer

Leo Smit

Leo Smit (1900 - 1943)

1900 - 1943 His music sounds thoroughly French, with bright and blithe notes that seemingly flow easily from his pen. In reality, it took many years before his musical ideas were incorporated into his compositions. And however French it may sound, Leo Smit was in heart and soul hooked to Amsterdam and the Netherlands. His song for women's choir, De bruid (The bride), set to words by Jan Prins is a declaration of love: “The groom was the sunlight and Holland was his bride.” It …   more

new additions

  • May 26, 2020
    Drei Gesänge für eine mittlere Singstimme und Orchester
    Jan van Gilse

    Drei Gesänge für eine mittlere Singstimme und Orchester

    Three songs for middle voice and orchestra I. Frieden (Friedrich Nietzsche) II. Das Königslied (Marie Madeleine) III. Herbststurm (D. Mollinger) Arnhem - Charlottenburg 1904-1905 Frau D. Mollinger-Hooyer freundschaftlich zugeeignet  
  • t Sijmbool der tijden
    Israel Olman

    t Sijmbool der tijden

    Sign of the times For soprano, alto and baritone solo - female, male and mixed choir and orchestra Words by E.H. Lebret Includes parts
  • Kroningsspel
    Max Vredenburg


    Trouw aan Oranje (Loyal to the House of Orange) Geluckig Vaderland (1591, Happy Fatherland) Wilt heden nu treden (1597)  

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