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Jiddische liederen op bestaande melodieën

By Daniël Belinfante

Vocal music
Mixed choir and orchestra (sopr-solo SATB orchestra)
location of manuscript archive registration number 020/064


Yiddish Songs on existing melodies. Eastern Jewish words. Piano reduction

About Daniel Belinfante

(03/06/1893 - 01/27/1945)
Daniel Belinfante

Daniel Belinfante's manuscripts, donated in 1955 to the Dutch Music Institute in The Hague by his widow Martha Belinfante-Dekker, remained untouched for decades. It is an oeuvre of some 100 compositions consisting of solo concertos, an orchestral suite, string quartets, works for strings and piano, songs and choral works. During his lifetime, Belinfante's music was rarely performed. After his violent death in Fürstengrube, a subcamp of Auschwitz, it would take sixty years before his music was rediscovered.

by Marcel Worms