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Een poesenïdylle

By Jan van Gilse

Vocal music
Voice and piano (high pf ; medium pf ; low pf)
location of manuscript archive registration number 053/039

To Jenny Mollinger, the little poetess of this poem


Idyll of the cat (for all voices)

Bremen 18 April 1906

About Jan van Gilse

(05/11/1881 - 09/08/1944)
Jan van Gilse

Jan van Gilse received his musical education in Germany. His music developed into a synthesis of French impressionism and German romanticism. He became a popular conductor and one of the founders of the Society of Dutch composers (GeNeCo) and also the copyright organization BUMA. During the war, this socially engaged human being was fiercely anti-German. He had to pay a heavy price for his fighting spirit.

by dr. Hans van Dijk