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Lagoe-lagoe I lyric pieces from the Sunda Archipelago Op. 18

By Paul Seelig

Chamber music
Piano (pf)
published score catalogue application number NMI 26795 MNmfIII/0947-0949


Indonesian music (songs)

1. Tabeh njonja
2. Aer mawar
3. Kembang katjang
4. Krontjong
5. Ajoen ajoen
6. Djentik manis
7. Dindang Tjina
8. Dari mana
9. Siti Senimbar
10. Lagoe Soenda

Originally published by Matatani Bandung

About Paul Seelig

(? - 06/12/1945)
Paul Seelig

Paul Seelig lived most of his life on the island of Java, but he made trips to Europe, America, Australia, Japan and Siam. He had a music business in Bandung. In his music he combined Eastern and Western elements. He developed into a renowned composer and was programmed at the Wiener Festwochen and many other venues. During the war he remained on Java, at that time Dutch territory, while his other family members lived in the Netherlands. In 1943, he was interned in a camp where he died on June 12, 1945. Many of his manuscripts and compositions were lost.

by Henk Mak van Dijk