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Romanian Folk Dances

By Zoltán Székely

Chamber music
Violin and keyboard instrument (vl pf)
published score
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1915/1925 Transcription for violin and piano by Zoltán Székely of the Romanian Folk Dances by  Béla Bartók.

Jocul cu bâta – Brâul – Pe loc – Buciumeana – ‘Poarga’ Româneasca - Manuntelul

First performance

Oct 5, 1925 First performed by Zoltán Székely and Béla Bartók in the Musis Sacrum concert hall in Arnhem, the Netherlands

About Zoltán Székely

Zoltán Székely

Venice, September 4, 1925. At the third festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music, a young Hungarian violinist presented his own Sonata for Solo Violin. The response to his performance was overwhelming: thunderous applause from the audience, praise from colleagues and rave reviews from the international press. A splendid success for the young violinist and composer Zoltán Székely. Present in the audience was his future wife, Igminia (Mientje) Everts from Nijmegen. She recalled the impassioned response from the public: “I have seen with my own eyes Stravinsky and Schoenberg standing on their chairs in the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice to applaud Zoltán’s performance of his Solo Sonata!”

by Joop Leijendeckers