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Thema met variaties voor trombone en strijkorkest

By Hans Lachman

Trombone and orchestra (trb and orchestra)
location of manuscript archive registration number: 464/014


Not dated. Includes piano reduction

About Hans Lachman

(03/07/1906 - 06/27/1990)
Hans Lachman

Born in Germany as Heinz Lachmann, Hans Lachman started his musical career in film music and light music. After World War II, which he survived by hiding in the province Limburg, he began composing in a modern classical idiom, building up a considerable oeuvre, including Jewish liturgical music. It is hard to believe that his music, so frequently broadcasted, was later completely forgotten until 2008, when his scores were discovered in a damp garden shed. 

by Eleonore Pameijer