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Rhapsodie Orientale pour violon avec accompagnement de pianoforte

By Andries de Rosa

Chamber music
Violin and keyboard instrument (vl pf)
location of manuscript
Archives of the Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam: archive registration number D006933

Jacques Dreese


July 1890, op. 10

1. Introductie (allegro con fuoco)

2. Appasionata

3. Adagio melancolique

4. Allegro con brio

5. Finale

About Andries de Rosa

(04/04/1869 - 04/30/1943)
Andries de Rosa

Born into a humble family, Andries de Rosa was trained to become a diamond worker. But as a young man he moved to Paris pursuing a career in music, which was no easy task. He was part of the left-wing literary circles and avant-garde of that time. He eventually settled in 1912 in Amsterdam, becoming involved in socialist movements. Later in life, composing was increasingly diminished by his many administrative functions; cultural education was of paramount importance to him. De Rosa and his family were murdered in 1943 in Sobibor.

by Diet Scholten