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By Fania Chapiro

Chamber music
Voice and piano (voice pf)
location of manuscript archive registration number:362/112


A cycle, three songs
Words by Thera Coppens

About Fania Chapiro

(06/10/1926 - 12/06/1994)
Fania Chapiro

Fania Chapiro was born in 1926 in Indonesia (the former Dutch East Indies), on the island of Java, in a carefree musical environment. She had a Russian father, her mother was Dutch. Both parents cherished the exceptional musical talent of their only child, making many sacrifices to support this. Fania was half-Jewish and that would affect the course of her career. When she wrote in her diary in early 1935:  “I have decided to become a composer and a wonderful pianist,” she could not expect the war would get in her way. Despite everything, she persevered; her efforts culminated in a beautiful career as a pianist and composer.

Margaret Krill