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De gravers / Die Schatzgräber

By Israel Olman

Vocal music
Male choir (TTBB)
published score
published by Alsbach in 1925 archive registration number NMI ABmf/2673 (microfiche)

Mannenkoor 'Kunst en Broederschap' en zijn directeur L.C. Keereweer

(Male choir 'Art and Fraternity' and its conductor L.C. Keereweer)


Words by Carel Steven Adama van Scheltema translated into German by Else Otten


About Israel Olman

(08/17/1883 - 05/08/1968)
Israel Olman

Up until World War II, Israel J. Olman had been a celebrated choral conductor and composer. He wrote synagogal music and also music for socialist choirs, to be performed at major singing competitions. His fame, in addition to the fact that he was married to a Catholic woman, offered him some protection during the war. In the post-war years his reputation as a composer diminished rapidly, creating financial difficulties. The world had changed and his musical idiom had become outdated.

by Pauline Micheels