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Die chinesische Flöte - Lyrische Suite nach Hans Bethge

By Carel Jacobs

Vocal music
Voice and instrument(s) (sopr fl oboe eh (b)cl bn vla)


30th August 1935
Prologos (flute solo)
Die geheimnisvolle Flöte (soprano and flute)
Dialogos (oboe and viola)
In der Fremde (flute, cor anglais, (bass)clarinet, bassoon, soprano)
Passacaglia (oboe, clarinet, bassoon, viola)
Verzweiflung (soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, viola)

About Carel Jacobs

(03/26/1909 - 12/24/1980)
Carel Jacobs

Carel Jacobs was an outstanding student at the Nederlandsche R.K. Kerkmuziekschool (Dutch Roman Catholic Church music school), where he studied composition with Johan Winnubst. Feeling unsafe as 'Vierteljude', he gave up his conducting classes with Carl Schuricht in Germany. During the war he helped many people in hiding and got caught and escaped twice. He conducted several choirs in the east of the Netherlands and became the director of the conservatory in Enschede. His compositions vary from chamber music to music for his own choirs.

by Dr. Hans van Dijk