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De jonge vrouw staat op de torenwal / Die junge Frau steht auf dem Warteturm

By Paul Sanders

Vocal music
Male choir


Tekst: Li T'ai Po (ook wel: Li Bai of Li Po)

Aantekening aan het slot: "Graveerwerk en druk van C.G. Röder GmbH Leipzig" - muziekuitgeverij te Leipzig; wellicht gaathet om een werk uit de Berlijnse jaren 1913-1915.

Manuscript & publicatie (Seyffardt)

About Paul Sanders

(12/21/1891 - ?)
Paul Sanders

His musical legacy is modest but nonetheless fascinating. Many of his compositions demonstrate social engagement and sometimes are more explicit: e.g. 'Plan Song' for the Dutch Labour Party (SDAP). With his music reviews in the socialist newspaper Het Volk (The People) he hoped to lure the working class into the concert hall and to move them up the social ladder. In addition to composing and writing about music, he was also active as a music editor, organiser, and director. Although nearly forgotten today, he was a distinguished and very productive figure in the pre-war Dutch music industry. 

by Claartje Wesselink