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  1. Andries de Rosa

    Andries de Rosa 1869

    101241 Diamond worker, socialist and composer Relatively little is known about the youth of Andries de Rosa. It was a modest environment, the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam, where he was born on April …
  2. Samuel Schuijer

    Samuel Schuijer 1873

    100695 Versatile craftsman and opera composer Samuel Schuijer was born in The Hague on September 9, 1873, son of Roosje van Kam and Abraham Schuijer. The family had a jewelry store on the …
  3. James Simon

    James Simon 1880

    102025 James Simon was born on 29 September 1880 in Berlin, in a highly assimilated, well-to-do Jewish family. His father being a private banker, the family enjoyed a luxury life. Reading the postcards …
  4. Reine Colaço-Osorio-Swaab

    Reine Colaço-Osorio-Swaab 1881

    102309 Reintje (Reine) Swaab was born in Amsterdam, Geldersekade; the youngest of five children in a wealthy Jewish family. A servant accompanied her to kindergarten at the nearby Nieuwmarkt. She spent …
  5. Jan van Gilse

    Jan van Gilse 1881

    100024 A turbulent life between sword and lyre Jan Pieter Hendrik van Gilse was born in Rotterdam on May 11, 1881, the youngest son of Jan Albert van Gilse and Maria Auguste Höckelmann. He had two …
  6. Israel Olman

    Israel Olman 1883

    101239 Composer and distinguished choral director It must have been memorable evening, on October 5, 1924 in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, when composer, conductor and music teacher Israel Olman was …
  7. Joan Fresco

    Joan Fresco 1886

    102860 Joan (Johan, Jonas, John, Joen) Fresco was born on 18 August 1886 in The Hague as the son of the Jewish tailor Moses Fresco and Regina Frank. At a young age, he showed already an interest in …
  8. Rosy Wertheim

    Rosy Wertheim 1888

    100181 An exceptional international career Rosalie Marie Wertheim was born on February 19, 1888, into an affluent Jewish family. Her grandfather, Abraham Carel Wertheim (1832-1897) was a famous …
  9. Paul Sanders

    Paul Sanders 1891

    102805 All-round musician and political visionary Paul Florus Sanders was born on December 21, 1891, the son of Rosalie Sanders-Levenbach and Benjamin Sanders, an Amsterdam-based stockbroker. His …
  10. Martin Spanjaard

    Martin Spanjaard 1892

    100694 Internationally celebrated conductor He was born on July 30, 1892, son of a wealthy textile manufacturer. When Martin was seven years old the family moved to The Hague and from that time …