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Suite voor viool en piano

By Dick Kattenburg

Chamber music
Violin and keyboard instrument (vl pf)
location of manuscript aanvraagnummer 494/040


19 March 1943 (score). 19 March 1942 (violin part). First word in title is crossed out. Signed under a false name KvD. Pages 5-8 are missing in score. Revised February 1944. Violin part is complete

I. Andante moderato

II. Moderato

III. Nigun


Kattenburg Suite voor viool en piano.jpg
Kattenburg Suite voor viool en piano.jpg

About Dick Kattenburg

(11/11/1919 - 09/30/1944)
Dick Kattenburg

Dick Kattenburg was extremely talented. It was obvious that he would enjoy a flourishing career as a violinist for years to come. Even today, some seventy years later, his appealing music immediately touches the heart. A large part of his oeuvre was created during his period in hiding. He was murdered at the age of 24. Thanks to his romance with a young flutist, his manuscripts were preserved and found an audience after all these years.

by Carine Alders