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Sonate voor viool en piano

By Henriëtte Bosmans

Chamber music
Violin and keyboard instrument (vl pf)
location of manuscript archive registration number: 024/025
published score
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den Heer J.W. Kersbergen in vereering opgedragen


November 1918

Metzelaar, H. Zonder muziek is het leven onnodig; Henriëtte Bosmans (1895-1952) een biografie. 2002, Walburg Pers Zutphen p. 29

First performance

Dec 21, 1918 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Ferdinand Helmann (violin) and Henriëtte Bosmans (piano)

About Henriëtte Bosmans

(12/06/1895 - 07/02/1952)
Henriëtte Bosmans

Before the war, Henriette Bosmans already enjoyed a well-established reputation in Dutch musical life, especially as a pianist. During the war she was not allowed to appear in public and had to support herself with underground house concerts. Her considerable oeuvre includes orchestral works, chamber music and many songs.

by Helen H. Metzelaar