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De Stroom: Mei 1940

By Lex van Delden

Vocal music
Mixed choir and instruments (sopr GK4 2fl 2ob cl h trb perc pf)
31 minutes
location of manuscript archive registration number: 238/065
published score
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To the city of Rotterdan May 1940 
Commission of the Dutch government


opus 34
A Symphony in 5 parts for solo soprano,mixed choir, 8 instruments and percussion
Words by Jan Prins
Amsterdam - Egmond aan Zee, July 24, 1952

About Lex van Delden

(09/10/1919 - 07/01/1988)
Lex van Delden

During World War II, Alexander Zwaap had to cover his identity by living under an alias. As of 1953, he legally changed his name to Lex van Delden. His life story is impressive considering the traumatic events he experienced in the war years. A past of which he never spoke, and which he knew to overcome with tremendous courage and resilience. Music was for him a “transfer medium between people.” He literally practiced this with his compositions. Van Delden was a great advocate of Dutch music and held several board positions in the Dutch music world.

by Margaret Krill