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Liebesopfer (Sacrifice d'amour) sinfonisches Intermezzo aus der Oper 'Madeleine'

By Samuel Schuijer

Chamber music
Wind and string and keyboard instrument(s) (2vl vc cb fl cl trp trb perc pf harm)
location of manuscript catalogue application number MNmfIII/0482


Sacrifice of love, symphonic intermezzo from the opera ‘Madeleine’ for lounge orchestra

See also: catalogue application number MIL-dhs 8 (29 parts) catalogue application number ABmf/1356-1357

About Samuel Schuijer

(09/09/1873 - 12/11/1942)
Samuel Schuijer

On December 11, 1942, Samuel Schuijer was murdered in Auschwitz. His home and music school had been plundered by the Nazis. With the loss of his life and destruction of his belongings, all traces of this significant Dutch musician seemed to be erased. But a group of children in The Hague found a box containing music manuscripts, waiting for the garbage truck. They took their treasure home and it became the first step in rediscovering a lost fragment of Dutch music history.

by Carine Alders