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20 Piesni

By Ignace Lilien

Vocal music
Voice and piano (sopr pf)
location of manuscript catalogue application number MNmfI/0554-0555

Dedicated to Peter Jakob


Words by Julian Tuwim

1. Na balkonie
2. Tesknota
3. Z krzaków nad strumieniem
4. Rzucitbym to wszystko
5. Gtupcy, gapy
6. Garbus
7. Ptak
8. Ptak (II)
9. Dzika historja
10. Dwa wiatry
11. U sasiada
12. Kusy
13. Humoreska
14. Muza czyli kilka stów zaledwie
15. Na stacji
16. Byty na stacji osoby
17. Wtas Fomycz
18. Wicher po polu
19. Smutne okno
20. Nagrobek

See also: archive registration number 009/015 009/016

About Ignace Lilien

Ignace Lilien

His hometown Lemberg, in the Ukraine known as Lviv, and in Poland as Lwów, has a history of occupation by shifting powers. This is why the Germans had trouble figuring out Ignace Lilien's real identity; he survived the war with forged documents. He worked as a chemical engineer, but that didn’t stop him from composing a large oeuvre. His life was as varied as his music, with influences ranging from Polish modernism to South American rhythms and timbres.

by Frans van Ruth