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Zwei Lieder op. 26

By Wilhelm Rettich

Vocal music
Voice and piano (medium pf)
location of manuscript catalogue application number NMI MNmfI/0724

Dedicated to the wife of the composer


Two songs op. 26

1. Lied ohne Sinn (words by Ludwig Strauss)
2. Schlaflied

Published by Gutmann Wien, Leipzig

About Wilhelm Rettich

Wilhelm Rettich

Wilhelm Rettich belonged to that generation of those whose work and life was deeply affected by the First and Second World Wars. Captivity, persecution, hiding and losses scarred his life. In 1933, he emigrated to the Netherlands, where he survived the war in hiding. Rettich worked a great deal for the radio, a young and progressive medium at that time. Although he became a Dutch citizen after the World War II, he returned to Germany in 1964.

by Diet Scholten