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Le el elim - Cantata Abraham de Casseres

By Hans Krieg

Vocal music
Vocal Ensemble (2-12) and instrument(s) (fl ob vn va)
published score
Kadimah, Amsterdam


Music by Abraham Casseres, Amsterdam 1739, arrangement Hans Krieg
Words by Moshe Haim Luzzato

For two voices with cembalo accompaniment (in the original manuscript: soprano no. 1 and 2 sung by the chazans Shemuel Rodriguez Mendez and Aron Cohen de Lara)
Le El Elim was written by Luzzato for Simchat Torah 1739 when Israel Nunes Henriques and Aron de Pinto were Chattane Torah.

This cantata was found in the famous Portuguese Jewish Library 'Ets Chajim' Amsterdam in the year 1947 and was arranged by Hans Moshe Krieg, Amsterdam 1951



About Hans Krieg

Hans Krieg

The life of Hans Krieg, a German who became a Dutch citizen in 1951, was marked by the horrors of Nazi ideology. Before the war, a promising career as a composer and choral and opera conductor was on the horizon, however, when Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power, Krieg, as a persona non grata had to flee his homeland. He managed to establish a new life in the Netherlands, but after the war he had to rebuild his life. Once more he succeeded, and this humble man was recognized as a key figure in the Jewish community.

by Aagje Pabbruwe