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  1. Bij een doode

    Ignace Lilien 1949

    101228 At a deceased person Words by Pieter Cornelis Boutens piano accompaniment ad libitum See also: catalogue application number NMI 21261
  2. Afscheid Phantasie

    Ignace Lilien 1963

    101229 Farewell fantasy - Mijn hart (my heart) - Afscheid (farewell) - Avond aan zee (evening by the sea) Words by C.S. Adama van Scheltema For concertante piano, male choir and soprano (soprano leggiero ad lib.)
  3. A negro girl goes to school

    Ignace Lilien 1958

    101230 Cantata for school-choirs: for speaking voice, soli (children’s voices), children’s choir, percussion and piano 4 hands. See also: catalogue application number MNmfII/0722
  4. Ballad of the astronaut

    Ignace Lilien 1963

    101231 For schoolchoirs, piano 4 hands, speaker and soloists See also: catalogue application number MNmfII/0724
  5. Le Cercle Divin (Symphony 2)

    Ignace Lilien 1922

    101232 The divine circle (Der Göttliche Kreis) (Il circolo del l'eternita) Words by Emile Verhaeren (“Le Fléau”, des Campagnes Halucinées) in both French and German + piano reduction See also: catalogue …
  6. In het atrium der Vestalinnen

    Ignace Lilien 1956

    101233 In the atrium of the Vestals, a cantata for solo baritone, speaking voice, female choir and orchestra Words after a poem by Bertus Aafjes + piano reduction See also: catalogue application number …
  7. Triptique

    Ignace Lilien 1960

    101234 Triptych, for solo soprano, mixed choir and orchestra + piano reduction
  8. Beatrijs (Ik dien)

    Ignace Lilien 1926

    101235 Beatrys - Beatrix: Opera in 3 acts after the drama “Ik Dien” (‘I serve’) by Herman Teirlinck Jul. 1925 - Mei 1926 See also (piano reduction): catalogue application number MNmfIII/0553-0557 90
  9. The great Catherine

    Ignace Lilien 1929

    101246 Words by George Bernard Shaw In the NMI archive only available the piano reduction. This work was originally published by Universal Edition.
  10. Voyage au printemps (wind quintet)

    Ignace Lilien 1952

    101247 Journey to spring There is a version for chamber orchestra as well. Composed in Porto Allegre piano reduction: catalogue application number MNmfIII/0563 16