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Forgotten Voices Rediscovered - Brundibar Ensemble

Featuring works by Henriëtte Bosmans and Fania Chapiro

Challenge Records FL 72416

This CD was inspired by one of Brundibar Arts Festival’s themes “Inspirational Women” which lead us to these wonderful Jewish-Dutch female composers who survived the Holocaust. Henriëtte Bosmans (1895-1952) was a Dutch half-Jewish pianist and composer and a particularly fascinating figure. Violin Sonata (1918), from Bosmans’ earliest compositional debuts. This can be sensed in the music: the piece is full of youthful passion, life and charm. Piano Trio (1921) was a birthday gift by Bosmans to her mother. The piece is an early composition, predominantly Romantic with hints of Spanish passion, French Impressionism, and echoes from the Middle East. Fania Chapiro (1926-1994) was a Dutch half-Jewish pianist and composer who grew up in the former Dutch Indies. Just like Bosmans, she was prohibited from performing. Feeling idle and empty without her music, she organised clandestine house concerts. Cello Sonata no.2 (1956): Prokofiev's influence pervades the whole work. The finale has a strong jazz feel. Despite this, Chapiro writes in a language uniquely her own.

Henriëtte Bosmans: Sonata for violin and piano (1918)
Fania Chapiro: Second sonata for cello and piano (1956)
Henriëtte Bosmans: Trio for violin, cello and piano (1921)

Compositions on this recording

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