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  1. I prithee send me back my heart

    Julius Hijman 1951

    101562 words by Sir John Suckling In a collection with 'Why so pale and wan fond lover', 'Constancy', 'The message' and 'Go and catch a falling star'
  2. Grass-tops

    Julius Hijman 1953

    101567 Words by Witter Bynner; Wachel Lindsay; Louis Untermeyer; Orrick Johns; John Hall Wheelock; Elinor Wylie; Alfred Kreymborg
  3. Frühling

    Julius Hijman

    101578 Words by Hans Adler
  4. Divertimento for 5 clarinets

    Julius Hijman 1966

    102116 Sonatina I Klompendans Sonatina II New York, June 1966
  5. Das Lied vom gehorsamen Mägdlein

    Julius Hijman

    101577 Words by Frank Wedekind
  6. Ballade

    Julius Hijman 1932

    101576 Words by Erich Mühsam
  7. Concerto da Camera for clarinet in Bflat, violoncello and small orchestra

    Julius Hijman 1958

    102118 Piano Reduction 049/MN-12
  8. Ankundigung einer Chansonette

    Julius Hijman 1932

    101575 March 1932. Words by Erich Kästner.
  9. 21 Motivations for piano

    Julius Hijman 1955

    101555 September 1955
  10. Why so pale and wan fond lover

    Julius Hijman 1951

    101563 Words by Sir John Suckling. In a collection with 'I prithee send me back my heart', 'Constancy', 'The message' and 'Go and catch a falling star'