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  1. Drei Gesänge für eine mittlere Singstimme und Orchester

    Jan van Gilse 1905

    101045 Three songs for middle voice and orchestra I. Frieden (Friedrich Nietzsche) II. Das Königslied (Marie Madeleine) III. Herbststurm (D. Mollinger) Arnhem - Charlottenburg 1904-1905 Frau D. Mollinger-Hooyer freundschaftlich …
  2. t Sijmbool der tijden

    Israel Olman 1916

    102408 Sign of the times For soprano, alto and baritone solo - female, male and mixed choir and orchestra Words by E.H. Lebret Includes parts
  3. Kroningsspel

    Max Vredenburg

    102597 Trouw aan Oranje (Loyal to the House of Orange) Geluckig Vaderland (1591, Happy Fatherland) Wilt heden nu treden (1597)
  4. Quatre mains pour enfants plus agés

    Max Vredenburg

    102596 1. Cortège de Carnaval (Carnavalsoptocht)
  5. Sonatine voor piano

    Theo Smit Sibinga 1934

    102595 Allegro moderato Intermezzo - Tempo di Valse Lente Finale - allegro To my mother, 1934
  6. Sullima

    Israel Olman 1924

    101735 From a collection of poetry by Hafis, a Persian poet from the 14th century, retold by A.W. Grauls Piano reduction published by Alsbach, Amsterdam
  7. Joodse werken

    Israel Olman

    102362 1. Tikanto Schabos (voice and piano) 2. Kedoescha Moesaf (voice and piano) 3. Mizmour Schier Lejoum Kaschabas (for cantor and male choir TTBB) 4. Dewenoegow Joumar (for cantor and male choir TTBB) 5. Kedoesjo Moesaf (voice and piano) 6. …
  8. Die stem van Suid-Afrika

    Israel Olman 1946

    102363 The voice of South Africa Words by C.J. Langenhoven The Hague, February 1946
  9. Agnete

    Israel Olman

    102359 Opera in one act Words by S. van Uildriks
  10. Liefdesspoken

    Israel Olman

    102358 Love ghosts (operetta in three acts) - Fantomes d'amour Words by Jan van Lumey (poems by Tippy Verbrugh) includes libretto (in Dutch) and piano reduction