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  1. Trio-sonata for organ

    Julius Hijman 1941

    102583 Sonata - Ricercare - Antiphon - Organum - Quodlibet To dr. E.W. Doty
  2. 4 Mélodies sur paroles de Francis Carco pour chant et piano

    Julius Hijman 1943

    102570 Words by Francis Carco
  3. Four Songs by W.B. Yeats

    Julius Hijman 1944

    102589 Four Songs by W.B. Yeats for baritone and piano The lake isle of Innesfree When you are old Do you not hear me calling? Pale brows
  4. Three dance gestures

    Julius Hijman 1944

    102573 Solemn - Lively - Rapid To Hettie Page Garwood Houston 1944
  5. Three choric songs from "The Lotus Eaters"

    Julius Hijman 1949

    102560 Words by Alfred Tennyson
  6. Sechs Lieder für Gesang und Klavier

    Julius Hijman 1954

    102544 Words by Max Mell, Wilhelm Lehmann, Gorg von der Vring, Klabund, Julius Hijman 1. Hochsommernacht / tekst v. Max Mell 2. Klage ohne Trauer / tekst v. Wilhelm Lehmann 3. Abgeblühter Löwenzahn / tekst v. Wilhelm Lehmann 4. Zwielicht / tekst …
  7. Two Chorale Preludes

    Julius Hijman 1965

    102536 To Thee, Jehovah, I sing All men must die around an Andantino for organ New York 1965 for Ilse Wunsch
  8. Three madrigals on medieval poetry

    Julius Hijman 1958

    102540 for mixed chorus and obligate clarinet 1. Hymn for evensong 2. Rondel 3. The nun's complaint
  9. Tre madrigali su rime del Torquato Tasso

    Julius Hijman 1966

    102534 per voci femminili ed oboe obbligato 1. Questa vita è la seva 2. O vaga tortorella 3. A l'ombra de le piante New York 1966
  10. Cantanda super fragmenta ex Benedicti Spinozae Ethica per chorus mixtum et organum

    Julius Hijman 1959

    102541 for mixed choir and organ Pars IV: Praefatio ; Propositio XXVII ; Scholium I ; Pars V: Propositio XL ; Propositio XLII With latin text and Dutch translation