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  1. Drie kleine kleutertjes

    Hans Lachman

    101682 Not dated. Arrangement of a children's song
  2. Etudes voor kinderen in den vorm van stukjes als een introductie tot de modernen

    Daniël Belinfante 1936

    102122 Opgewekt en opgepast / Cheerful and careful Dansje van stijfkopje / Little Mule's Dance
  3. Koninginnelied

    Samuel Schuijer 1923

    102227 Published in De Telegraaf 1 September 1923
  4. Serenade (for strings)

    Samuel Schuijer 1914

    101177 There are two other versions: - for violin and piano - for piano Piano reduction and parts (part first violins is missing but can easily be deduced from the piano version)
  5. Serenade (for violin and piano)

    Samuel Schuijer

    101175 There are two other versions: - for piano - for strings
  6. Roemeense melodie voor viool, cello en piano

    Dick Kattenburg 1941

    100035 27 November 1941. Under false name ‘K. van Dunsen’. On the cello and violin part is written ‘Hebrew melody’ as a title. Parts are signed under his own name. 3
  7. Sonate pour une clarinette et piano

    Ignace Lilien 1952

  8. Psalm 131 Von Hochmut frei

    Hans Krieg

  9. Jachailili Ha-amali

    Hans Krieg 1961

    102463 From: Frauenchöre Hebräisch (Hebrew songs for female choir) No. 41
  10. A jid ken nor leb'n

    Hans Krieg 1954

    102462 Words by Chaia Sajet-Reissmann For baritone, male choir and piano Amsterdam, 21 January 1954 Dedicated to Mr. Dr. B.H. Sajet and in memory of Mrs. Chaia Sajet-Reissmann