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  1. The great Catherine

    Ignace Lilien 1929

    101246 Words by George Bernard Shaw In the NMI archive only available the piano reduction. This work was originally published by Universal Edition.
  2. Voyage au printemps (wind quintet)

    Ignace Lilien 1952

    101247 Journey to spring There is a version for chamber orchestra as well. Composed in Porto Allegre piano reduction: catalogue application number MNmfIII/0563 16
  3. Voyage au Printemps (chamber orchestra)

    Ignace Lilien 1952

    101248 Journey to spring There is a version for wind quintet as well. see also (piano reduction): catalogue application number MNmfIII/0563 16
  4. Nyuk tsin (The perfect jade) dramatic oratorio

    Ignace Lilien 1961

    101249 Words by James A. Michener 80
  5. Etude Stefkowi Aschkenasenni

    Ignace Lilien

  6. Capriccio sur les lettres C. B.

    Ignace Lilien 1914

    101251 Composed in Scheveningen
  7. Rêve fiévreux

    Ignace Lilien 1917

    101252 ‘Feverous dream’ Composed in The Hague
  8. Prélude Nr 9

    Ignace Lilien 1935

  9. Prélude Nr 10

    Ignace Lilien 1934

  10. Sonate pour piano

    Ignace Lilien 1927

    101255 (Christmas 1927) (Possibly the same as ‘1e sonate pour piano’)