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  1. Impromptu op. 76 nr. 3 voor altsaxofoon solo

    Marius Flothuis 1976

    100949 Amsterdam - Iráklion
  2. Diana’s Dream opus 76 nr. 5 horn solo

    Marius Flothuis 1978

    100951 Program note: This piece was composed for the horn player Julia M. Studebaker, on the occasion of the birth of her daughter, Madeleine Diana. Diana was the Roman goddess of the hunting; the French horn is “the” instrument of hunting. The … 3
  3. Recitativo ed Aria op. 76 nr. 6 per Siringa

    Marius Flothuis 1978

    100952 For pan flute Amsterdam
  4. Piccola Fantasia per flauto solo op. 76 nr. 7

    Marius Flothuis 1979

    100953 Ste Nathalène
  5. Preludio e Fughetta per tre trombe in Do op. 76 nr. 8

    Marius Flothuis 1986

    100954 Amsterdam 4
  6. Nocturne klein symfonie-orkest opus 77

    Marius Flothuis 1977

    100955 Nocturne [for] small symphony orchestra Amsterdam
  7. Music for USC Five pieces for a cappella choir opus 79

    Marius Flothuis 1980

    100957 For choir SATB, SSAA and TTBBB respectively Love is anterior to life (Emily Dickinson) Central Park at dusk (Sara Teasdale) Forgetfulness (Hart Crane) Vagabonds (Langston Hughes) Dark summer (Louise Bogan) Amsterdam - Whittier - … 9
  8. Hommage à Mallarmé chant, flûte, violoncelle et piano op. 80

    Marius Flothuis 1980

    100958 Words by Stephane Mallarmé Themes by Ernest Chausson and Claude Debussy Composed at the aoccasion of of the 10th lustrum of the Instituut voor Muziekwetenschap te Utrecht Amsterdam 4
  9. Frivolités drie stukken voor strijkinstrumenten op. 81

    Marius Flothuis 1981

    100959 Frivolités three pieces for string instruments: Habanera (for violin solo) Elegia (for viola solo) Sarabande (for cello solo) Amsterdam - Los Angeles 7
  10. Drie moments musicaux voor alt-saxofoon en piano op. 82

    Marius Flothuis 1982

    100960 Tranquillo Vivace Lento Amsterdam 12