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Composers persecuted in WWII

During the Second World War, many composers were persecuted by the Nazi’s, because they either had a Jewish background or refused to comply with Nazi rules. Their music was banned from all public performance. The Leo Smit Foundation, founded in 1996, is committed to regain this music.

In more than 200 concerts, we’ve brought to life music that was lost and forgotten. With this website, we share with musicians, programmers and music lovers worldwide what we’ve found, starting with music from composers who lived and worked in the Netherlands.

Here you can search for composers, works for various instrumentations or vocal repertoire. Find scores, look at manuscripts and listen to sound samples.

featured composer

Nico Richter

Nico Richter (1915 - 1945)

Almost all Nico Richter’s surviving compositions date from his student days. Most of them are ultrashort, inspired by Webern and Berg. As a student of medicine, he directed the student orchestra MUSA. He joined the resistance, was arrested in 1942 and sent to work in successive concentration camps. A physical wreck, he dictated his final composition on his deathbed just after liberation. His talent never reached full maturity. by Dr. Julia Muller-van Santen   more

new additions

  • March 9, 2022
    Ignace Lilien

    Modern times sonata (violin and piano)

    - Allegro - Andante cantabile - Rondo Brésilien See also: catalogue application number NMI 12226 catalogue application number NDM 1538 catalogue application number MNmfIII/0196 (Rondo Brésilien) There is an arrangement (by Dolf de Kinkelder) for orchestra as well.
  • Leo Kok


    Lentement - 'Pour vous remercier de mon séjour au Roccolo' Ma belle si tu voulais...
  • Leo Kok


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