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  1. Sardana La Santa Espina

    Marius Flothuis

    101007 For mixed chamber ensemble
  2. [Muziekmanuscript] I Toccata Allegro maestoso (etc)

    Marius Flothuis

    101008 [Untitled] I Toccata II Sinfonia a 5 III Sinfonia a 7 IV Sinfonia a 5 V Sinfonia a 5 VI Sinfonia a 7 VII Moresca
  3. Muziek voor Sophokles’ Philoctetes

    Marius Flothuis 1933

    101009 Music for ‘Philoctetes’ by Sophocles (translation L. de Jong) + parts
  4. Uilenspiegel variaties

    Marius Flothuis 1958

    101010 Part of 11 variations by different composers on the theme by Richard Strauss For 2 solo violins and orchestra At the occasion of the 20th jubilee of Theo Olof and Herman Krebbers 21
  5. Entre le boeuf et l’âne gris

    Marius Flothuis

    101011 For sopran, alto. tenor and bass (French Christmas carol)
  6. Carmen Vossianum

    Marius Flothuis

  7. Das Lied vom täglichen Brot

    Marius Flothuis 1936

    101014 Daily bread song for soprano or alto or tenor and piano Words by Bruno Schönlank See also ‘Het lied van ’t dagelijks brood’ for mixed choir a cappella op. 36, no. 2 NMI 351/035-2 Amsterdam
  8. Odysseus and Nausikaa op. 60

    Marius Flothuis 1960

    101015 A madrigal for soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone and harp Words by Homerus (translation E.V. Rieu), Alkman and Sappho Commissioned by the Johan Wagenaar Stichting Amsterdam 33
  9. Seizoenen opus 61

    Marius Flothuis 1960

    101016 Seasons, a cycle for 4 part female choir and flute Voorjaar (Spring) words by B. Aafjes Zomernacht (Summer night) words by L.P.J. Braat Midzomerzorgendag (Midsummer care day) words by L.P.J. Braat Herfst (Autumn) words by H. … 17
  10. Sonate No. 1 op. 5

    Jan van Gilse

    101020 In F minor