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Second World War masterpieces for flute and piano

Featuring works by Leo Smit, Dick Kattenburg and Marius Flothuis

The darkness of the Second World War affected composers in different ways; this collection of works from the Netherlands shows some confronting it head-on, and others choosing musical forms that appear to look aslant at its horror - though none remained untouched by it. Smit and Kattenburg both died in the camps, just two of the 102,000 Jewish, Sinti and Roma victims from the Netherlands who are known to have been killed.

1   Marius Flothuis - Sonata da camera per flauto e pianoforte: I Cadenza

2   II Sonatina

3   III Lamento

4   IV Rondo alla Francese

5   Willem Andriessen: Praeludium for piano

6   Marius Flothuis: Aubade for flute solo

7   Rudolf Escher: Habanera for piano

8   Leo Smit - Sonata for flute and piano: I Allegro

9   II Lento

10 III Allegro moderato

11 Hans Osieck: Varsovie Accuse for piano solo

12 Dick Kattenburg: Pièce pour flûte et piano

Compositions on this recording

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